Good morning.



When I asked Todd over lunch yesterday what he was going to do with the second half of his day, his exact words were, “I’m going to make it rain”.  To which I thought for a second then said, “Oh, you gonna start cutting hay?”.  Indeed he did and kicked off the 2013 haying season yesterday by taking down half the hay at the West 80 property.


I just looked at the radar and forecast.  It looks like what was south of us in lower Michigan missed us overnight and our best chance for rain will be this coming Sunday.  And hopefully by then that hay will be safely tucked away in one of the barns.



However, Jake got hammered with rain overnight. No tornados though, so that’s a relief.


We talked to the boy last night and it sounds like he’s doing well and he likes his job.  He gets to work around 7:30 in the morning and when he is able to quit for the day will depend on how late into the day/night they can spray.  He said the day before he mowed runways.


Yesterday, he filled the hoppers on the planes with chemical to spray potatoes.  I think today, because of the rain (and the planes not out spraying), he’s back to mowing runways.  You know, it sounds just like farming…the weather dictates what you are able to do or not do that day.

But then, can’t that be said of many occupations?


Today, I hope from sunrise to sunset, you don’t get bossed around by the weather too much and you have a lovely summer day!


10 thoughts on “Today

  1. Gorgeous photos, Dee! (Once again!) We’re expecting a chance of severe weather this evening – always scary…waiting to see what happens.
    Enjoy your day – glad Jake’s doing well with his summer job!


  2. Beautiful photos Dee – really. Right this second we ARE getting bossed around by the weather – it’s storming like mad so I’m getting off the computer but wanted to say THANKS for the gorgeous photos……



  3. Bad storms here. Our county lost to people to the storm, one by a power line falling on him and another when a tree fell on him in his own yard. Yikes. And I was feeling badly about losing one side of the embankment along my driveway. I guess we’re all lucky to be alive.


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