This Bud’s for you!

Re-post from my parents at Fraser School of Driving in Deer Lodge, Montana…
Here comes the King of Horses! Three trucks and trailers coming in for the night. Ten Clydesdales, six crew members (plus their personal West Coach Hitch photographer, Dianna Radermacher) and two Dalmatians dogs. The first two trailers carried the horses and the last trailer had the tack and wagon. Unloading and getting feed and water. […]


One thought on “This Bud’s for you!

  1. THANK YOU for the update…….the first thing I thought of were the BIG stalls in Alex’s barn!
    Wow…..I can just imagine how happy A and K were to have all of YOU there. I assume you
    were going to Spokane for the Lilac Festival. You do lead a charmed life!!!!


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