Happy Sunday!

Hi guys!

Hope you all are having a beautiful weekend!

It’s nice and cool here in North Idaho this Sunday morning but not for long. I see it’s going to be in the upper 90’s today. Not normal at all. More like an August kind of day. 

I’ve come up to the property early this morning to tromp around before it gets hot and see if I can find the elusive northeast survey pin. 

Wish me luck and happy Sunday! 



6 thoughts on “Happy Sunday!

  1. Well I hope that elusive pin finally let you find it! No doubt you can’t wait to get started on that house………..I know I am (hahaha). Looks like a gorgeous day……..we’ve been having hot, humid “August days” here too…….but we sure don’t have views like you do!

    Hugs, Pam and Sam


    1. Yep. Found it!
      Hopefully we’ll get to break ground next week.
      It was gorgeous and no humidity here just heat. You’ve got that gorgeous yard though -nice view too!
      Happy Monday to you Pam…& Sam. :)


  2. Cool looking for the pin, I know by now you have found it… Ha! I am like Pam and can’t wait for you to get started on that house. I am dying to see the front porch… I am such a porch gal! Have a beautiful Monday, Dee! I am always wondering what you are up to… :D I would like to request some feets shots… would love to see what you had on in the line of footwear for tromping around yesterday looking for the elusive northeast pin.


    1. Yes, I did and quicker than I thought too. Not sure why it was so tough the couple times before. 😏
      Our front porch will hopefully be more than wild ferns and Kinnikinnick (https://www.wnps.org/landscaping/documents/Kinnikinnick.pdf). Though the native Kinnikinnick is so pretty, especially in the fall when it turns red/orange. We’d love flagstone and maybe deal with dirt until the flagstone is in the budget a couple years down the road…Believe me, I can wait. ;)
      Feet shots? Hahaha!
      My footwear loving friend, I just had on my hikers yesterday.
      However, after my task was finished I broke out my portable hammock, ditched the hiking shoes and read the afternoon away! ;)


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      1. The Kinnikinnick is very pretty! Love that it is drought tolerant and attracts hummers and grosbeaks! The hammock sounds wonderful, we don’t have ours out yet until the Oaks are done dropping the annoying messy catkins! Reading in a hammock is the best!

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