Not The Fast Lane

I don’t make very good time following the semis but the upside is I get much better gas mileage when I do!  Plus, I get some neat, but sometimes kinda blurry, photo opportunities. 

*I snapped the picture above as we were going through a gorgeous, curvy canyon area in Utah today. 

So many of you already know this… but for those that don’t:

If the road gets too steep going uphill they slow down due to the weight (naturally). Conversely, if the road gets too steep going downhill, they slow the trucks way down. This is to prevent the weight from pushing them past the speed limit. If the road is really curvy they slow the truck down so the horses don’t get thrown about. So…ya, it takes a while to get somewhere on travel days depending on the landscape. 

Tonight we are overnighting in western Colorado. Tomorrow, we will be in Fort Collins, the hitch’s home base. But first we will have to go over the Continental Divide via the beautiful Glenwood Springs canyon. Hands down from here on in it’s as breath taking as Colorado can be. 

I love it so much!

Tomorrow I can count on two things:

  1. An even more beautiful day as we wind through the mountains!
  2. Another good gas mileage day by not being in the fast lane

What’s your favorite drive or highway to be on? Have you ever been on Interstate 70 in western Colorado? 


12 thoughts on “Not The Fast Lane

  1. The drive through Glenwood Canyon is my favorite. The scenery for the rest of I-70 from there to Denver isn’t to bad either. However, I LOVE the canyons!

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      1. I’ve ridden it, it’s gorgeous. Though the danger of falling into the river doesn’t really decrease. Real easy to be mesmerized and steer right off the side. But you don’t have to twist my arm to ride it again!

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  2. Whenever I see the canyon areas and much of the west and northwest either in person or in photos I hear “America the Beautiful” in my head……I actually get choked up at the sheer beauty of so many parts of our country. Hope the rest of your trip to Ft. Collins is filled with more photo ops and slow curvy roads over “mountains majesty”…………..

    Hugs, Pam


    1. I agree with you, it’s so pretty everywhere in our country! Heck all of North America is so incredible – at least the parts I’ve seen so far! Lots of curves and mountains today. :)


  3. On Interstate 70 all the time here in Missouri but only once heading to Colorado but I got sick and we headed home… long time ago! You are having a beautiful drive… that sky! We hauled Lady from El Paso where we bought her back to Missouri in 1980 and it freaked me out. It was a long drive for us, her, and three cats… memories! Know you are on the road by now. Have a great drive today, I will be thinking about you and your beautiful view out there!!! Hope you have your coffee and your Peanut M&Ms… :)


    1. Oh dang… that’s a bummer that you got sick! I love and really missed our humidity free clear, blue-bird blue skies.
      You’d be fine if you did it all the time. You and your horse just get used to it and it becomes not a big deal. Now hauling in bad weather, well that’s different! Ugh.
      Had very little coffee and no M&M’s…on purpose! Maybe next time. :)


  4. I love the Glenwood Canyon also, but liked it better when it was a two lane highway, where it took a hour or more to go thru the canyon and everyone was on the “Not The Fast Lane”


  5. Yes, LOVE 70!!!!!!!! Love Colorado……..


    Love ya lots…… was great to meet your SISTER……..Wow!

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    1. Yes, what’s not to love right..? Well, unless it’s winter and it’s closed and you’re stuck on the side you don’t want to be! Ha. But then that’s not its fault. ;)
      My sister enjoyed visiting with you Dottie; she told me all about it. 😘


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