Load, Drive, Unload, Repeat

After two months home in Idaho, putting the finishing touches on our house plans, I’m back out with my husband Todd and the Budweiser Hitch. 

Seems like I caught up with them in the Los Angeles area the first week of April and here it is already darn near May! I hate to state the obvious, but jeez, time goes by so fast. Too fast!

Where’ve we been and what spots have we hit?  Well, the first week was a few Major League Baseball appearances.

The second and third weeks were the Red Bluff Rodeo in Northern California and the Lakeside Rodeo which is essentially San Diego. 

I took this picture through the sunroof while sitting pulled over on the southbound side of the 5 Freeway (the one that runs the length of the state) waiting for them to catch up. I had left earlier that morning and got a good coffee fix for the trail. 

The crew gets one day off a week and on this day off we chose the beach. Del Mar Beach is the one we picked, though any we would have chosen would’ve been equally as deserted on a Wednesday. I love that they are most always at an event on Saturday’s and Sunday’s because it means days off for them is a week day and that equals less folks trying to do their “weekend”! 

*Did that even make sense? I reread it over twelve times and still sounds weird. Moving on…

It was a stunner of a day and practically windless. Only a touch of breeze near the water could be felt which was good because it was only about 76 degrees. 

We walked 3.5 miles that day according to the step tracker program on my phone.  Then to negate all that exercise walking in the sand, we had hot dogs from a vendor on the beach so…that worked out well. They cancelled each other out. Ha. 

No. No, my handsome husband doesn’t take his boots off to walk the beach, any beach. The boots stay on. In all the times we’ve walked a beach he won’t go barefoot. I intend to break him of this bad habit someday. “As God as my witness…!” Haha. 

Right now, until the weekend is over, we’re in Indio, California for a country music festival called “Stagecoach”. It follows on the heals of the two week long “Cochella Music Festival”.  

I, for one, would love to hear Chris Stapleton Saturday night. Thing is, the horses are making an appearance there (of course) and Todd won’t be done in time for us to go to that one. We are in the process of regrouping and coming up with a different choice should we decide to go. 

Our next destination from here will be the West Coast Hitch’s home base in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

That’s it from here in the desert. Have a great weekend everyone!



16 thoughts on “Load, Drive, Unload, Repeat

  1. Love. Love, LOVE this! It’s nice to see these clicks with your words tying it all together. I totally get what you are saying about doing your weekend in the middle of the week and not having to put up with the peeps trying to pack in all their stuff into the real weekend. We been living that life since CH retired in 2007. Glad you are having a great time… the water is gorgeous! I didn’t notice the BOOTS… LOL! That picture with all 8 off the ground is ah-mazing!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Pix!
      Midweek works for us! And ya, boots. Lord. Haha. 😉
      Totally got lucky with that lead team picture with all eight hooves off the ground at once. I thought I had my camera on high rapid fire. No it wasn’t. So real lucky there. 😄


  2. Glorious – just plain glorious……….sun, sand, handsome guys and horses – life looks pretty danged good for you Dee…….and like Pix said, that photo with all “eight up” is fabulous – like they’re flying. Hope you’re able to enjoy some of that show – and of course I also hope that the rest of the road trip is wonderful. Like everyone else, we do our weekends during the week and love being OUT of the crowds…………………..as it should be for a couple of old retired people like us!

    Love and happy trails, Pam

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love-Love your news……..we all think it looks so easy every time the hitch appears!

    How will we here in N. Idaho know when the big horses will appear in Bonners Ferry?

    Happy travels, happy husband…….Love ya, Dot

    Liked by 1 person

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