Drama in the Afternoon: A Midwest Tractor Tale

Below is a copy of an email I wrote yesterday afternoon to a very good friend in Idaho.  FYI:  She’s borderline anti-email and anti-internet.

Oh and the reason I have picture documentation of all this is because I was texting Jake & Todd every 4 minutes – Obviously, I didn’t want them to miss a single earth shattering thing.



I hope you know you’re the only one I’d do this for…

However, I may end up making this into a blog post…but for now…just for you.


This flat tire [on the cutter] was my drama last Saturday about 11:05 a.m. while almost everyone was off playing Fourth of July parade downstate. I had just barely completed my second opening lap of a hugemongus [hay] field.  I was to do eight opening laps and call it good as per the Farm Manager’s [my husband] request.


The view looking down:

This is my feet (duh) getting a much needed tan (more duh) while waiting for my pit crew to stop what they were doing at the farm and come seven miles north to bring me a non-flat tire.


The view looking out:

This was the shade for the rest of me…a big wheel….not flat.


The view looking up:

No wonder dial-up didn’t work very well for us at the farm…aren’t those them ceramic insulator thingy’s?

As you can see I wasn’t one bit bored.  It was a gorgeous day…and hardly any humidity at all!  Amazing.  A good day for a flat in my book.


This is looking out the back of the tractor from my seat at my handy, dandy pit crew….Dez and Brian (not to be confused with Brain…or Bryan).


This is the pit crew I ended up with up at Wally (an hour north in Alpena) because …

1. though the tire itself was an exact match, the rim was not.

2. the tractor tire place was closed at NOON on a Saturday and I was there at 3:30pm.

3. the other three places that could’ve probably done it were also CLOSED.

And heck yes I stood there, on the customer side of the glass, the whole entire time, smiling…stupidly.  And by virtue of my stupid incessant smiling, letting them know I was in a major, hyper, hurry to get back to cutting hay.  It’s a wonder they didn’t take their sweet dang time.

But Wally World was blankety-blank awesome. The guy that did the tire change from rim to rim for me?…He had recently purchased a hay cutter just like the one we use and as we were taking the tires out of the back of the truck he said, “Hey, I recognize these types of tires!”  And “What size head does your cutter have?”  Clearly, we’re now bonded for life.


Back in the tractor at about 5 p.m., preparing to take off, complete with my bunch of White Sage I received in the mail the day before.  It’s a lovely gift from my new blogging friend in Texas.

The tractor interior smelled….AWESOME!!!!   Thank you again Lissa!

I finished about an hour and half later without further incident or killing anything.  Suffice it to say, the hitch [the horses] beat me back to the farm from the parade.

So that was my Saturday.

What about you?

What you got to share?

What the devil is going on around there?

How in the world can you manage it w/out me?!

Love you lots.



10 thoughts on “Drama in the Afternoon: A Midwest Tractor Tale

  1. Wow — I’m amazed at you – out there all by yourself with that huge piece of equipment…..
    And…you and I have the some color toenail polish. But you don’t have bunions.


    1. We do? Turquoise is such a great color isn’t it? Ya, not yet on the bunions.
      And after three years, me and the cutter?…We’re like this *x*. Course if anything goes haywire (ha) I need ground support pronto:)


    1. It was a win/win because these things hardly ever happen during a normal work week and then only after normal business hours. You can imagine my excitement at finding out good ol Wal-Mart is available if when we have a simple tire issue not to mention a guy in there that can relate!


  2. I so know the feeling from when I had my farm. All my friends off partying in the city, whilst I was running around the bush, fighting fires, fixing the oddest equipment, etc. I loved every second and miss it terribly. Oh well, another time, later in life, and hopefully I’ll be back. In the mean time, I’ll read your blog to make me feel at home


  3. Hey, at least you made good use of your wait time! Creative to write an email, blog post, and get your tire changed and hay cut all in one afternoon! Multi-tasking! ~ Sheila


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