Just’a List


February 29th Sunset
1.) I miss Dowton Abbey – Were you a fan? Are you having withdrawals? Will you buy the series and watch it forever and always? If you do, can I borrow it…forever and always?

Lattes and FAFSA

Walking the property
2.)  I miss my kid…and my husband – Jake flew out from Indiana and spent his college Spring Break with his mom. How cool is that? It rained every day but one and a half. We watched a lot of TV together, I made him seafood pasta and baked him his favorite bars, wrapped up his FAFSA application for school, walked the new piece of property a couple of times and he tried to teach me the card game “Uker”. I still don’t get it. 

As far as “the husband” goes?  I’m headed back out with him and the Bud hitch real soon!


The probable view from the living room
3.)  Our final, final set of house plans are being drawn up. Somebody pinch me it’s really coming together.  After all these years we will finally be settled, in our own house, back on Idaho soil.  We hope to break ground and begin construction late May. The grateful meter is redlining!

Money Jake found on the property

4.)  I’ve not been able to use WordPress on my laptop for well over a year, maybe two. It’s all weird and difficult to use and I’ve tried reinstalling the program to see if it would help…no luck. As you can imagine or know first hand, composing a post on a smart phone isn’t exactly convenient or easy but every now and then I buck up and do one anyway. Truth be told, it’s time for a new laptop and I haven’t got the heart to be spending money on one of those at the moment. (See number 3 above – Ha)


February 23, 1987
Total Twilight Zone
5.)  Once upon a time, I received a letter from a guy whom I had just begun to date.  A guy that three years later, I married. The letter I speak of was the very first letter he sent me. Its postmark I only recently discovered just so happens to be the month and day of our then unborn son. It kind of weirded me out. Still does. 

*Please forgive any typos or wonky inconsistent spacing. Thanks!  ~d. 


    6 thoughts on “Just’a List

    1. Hi D…..what a great post and update….that view from your soon-to-be living room will be amazing but then I think with that property you have, it will be amazing from EVERY window, porch and deck! I bet Jake is missing “home” too – wherever it may be – they say it’s where the heart is and we know his heart is wherever you all are. Back on the road again with the hitch and hubby – something to look forward to – along with the first sign of construction on that property! ;) ;)

      Hugs, Pam (and Sam)

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Yay! So glad to see a post from you (although keeping up on FB is nice, too). Love all your random thoughts; that view is breathtaking.
      Any time spent with our boys is special, isn’t it?? I know you miss him more than words can say. Cool that he found the $10 bill!
      Sweet that the postmark has Jake’s birth date: you should frame it.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. D~~~~~

      I recognize the SKY, North Idaho for sure!!!!!!!

      You will be my neighbor…….coffee at the Pack River store for sure.

      Love your posts…………you are lucky to have a clearing on your property…..so much forest!

      Love ya, Dot

      Liked by 1 person

    4. Good Morning ~d! Always nice to see a post… :) It’s such a lovely view. It’s like it was meant to be and that piece of property looks like it is on top of the world. Yeah, pretty cool that Jake spent his spring break with you, but you are a cool Mom… :) I am excited for all of you about the new house. It’s a great life!

      Liked by 1 person

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