Christmas Peace


This picture is one I took many, many years ago, (think the 90’s) when we were in Ashcroft, Colorado doing a calendar shoot.  It ended up making a perfect personal Christmas card for the following year.

We are in Vegas this year for Christmas and just finished up “Christmas With The Clydesdales” yesterday here at the South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa.  It was such a great success pulling in over 7,500 people that they are considering making it a yearly event!  That would be fantastic.  It’s such a perfect place for horses and crew providing awesome coordination with the next event on the schedule being the Rose Parade on New Years Day a quick hop from here to Pasadena!

Wishing you a beautiful Christmas wherever you are.  I hope you get to spend it with friends, family and/or people you love.  Love…it’s the reason we celebrate Christmas.  One big Love was given to us on this night so long ago.

Peace be with you – Merry Christmas!



6 thoughts on “Christmas Peace

  1. Such a gorgeous photo and perfect for the occasion. May your Christmas be as special as you are…….and here’s to an exciting new year for you all. Joy, peace, and love – my wishes for you on Christmas Day………..

    Hugs, Pam (and Sammy too!)

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  2. Hi Dee, the Dutchers from Alpena say hello. Jay was home from school over the holidays and asked if I had heard how your family was. We talked about how much fun we had with you and the team :)

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    1. Hello Jennifer and Dutcher Family!
      Jake came out from Indiana on his break to be with us for the Rose Parade in Pasadena. Him and his girlfriend got to be with us for four days. Those hockey days are some of *this families most favorite memories!
      So good to hear from you! Please say hello to everyone for us. ~d.


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