Some Thursday Morning Facts


  • I’m out on tour again with the Budweiser Clydesdales and this is where we’re staying. 
  • It’s about to get real crazy here. 
  • In less than 24 hours the National Finals Rodeo will begin!  
  • Southpoint is predominately thee equestrian center that the National Finals Rodeo contestants house themselves and their horses. 

*Ladies room in between the warm up arenas and main arena

  • In addition to the climate controlled barn (below the hotel/casino) containing 1200 stalls (staggering I know) the owners of Southpoint have set up additional tented portable stalling for the contestant’s horses up the street less than a block – stalls that run in the hundreds.


  • Rodeo events will take place here in the morning/afternoon hours and then many will load up and go downtown for the NFR and the evening events.  


  • I’m generally in boots anyway and travel with my two favorite pairs but I’m lacking in the sequin and rhinestones department!
  • I don’t need/want sequins or rhinestones. Ha. Well…that might be fun for one night.
  • We’ve been here since Monday and I can honestly feel the energy level rising here as the days and hours have ticked by!


  • Some of us aren’t feeling as overwhelmed or excited or…overwhelmed and aren’t nearly as affected.  
  • Fact is, “Fez” is a professional and road veteran, he makes me feel like a rookie!

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