forever west


Because I got so much encouragement from friends and family, I went and did it – I finally got it all official…

This past summer on my many trips to and through the beautiful state of Wyoming, I was inspired by their tagline, “Forever West” as seen on the state “Welcome to…” billboards/signs.

You see, I was looking for a new name that was more…I didn’t know, just more. The West is where my heart and soul has always been and always will be. So, I applied for the name with the State of Idaho and found it hadn’t been taken yet – It was all mine!

I’m very excited that it’s officially-official now. “Forever West” is truly the perfect name for this infant photography business of mine. I even took the advice of some good friends and family and put some of my images on the popular website, Fine Art America. When you get around to it sometime over the weekend, those can be seen at: or

Looks like as of yesterday, Fine Art America is offering free shipping to anywhere in the world too. That’s cool. I ought to look into that myself!

Know why?

Well…Remember way, way back when I said that we were looking for property to build a little house on? Well…we’re in negotiations right now on a beautiful piece of land with a lovely view of my favorite mountain range – The Selkirks! My husband said he’d love to fill the walls with some of our most favorites that I’ve taken through the years. We’re keeping our fingers crossed on that little hunk of land and hope to know more Cyber Monday!


Speaking of Cyber Monday… Did you do the Black Friday thing yesterday or did you stay all snug at home with your hot beverage and shop online?  Will you shop local today and do Small Business Saturday?  Will you shop online Monday?  Or maybe, just maybe you’re one of those over-achiever types and you’re all DONE with your shopping!?




7 thoughts on “forever west

  1. How VERY exciting! So very happy for you D ! I’ve always thought your photography was amazing and every image is like a perfect painting of a place I’d like to see in person or be in the middle of……….you just have that knack and not everybody has it for sure. I’m sure you’ll be a huge success – you’ve always been one in my book!! Also excited about your hunk of land……….and future home filled with your beautiful work……….and love……….because I see that love in your photos and know it will shine from every corner of your new house. Fingers crossed for that!

    Happy Holidays – I think they will be very special… many ways.
    Love, Pam (and of course Sam!)

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  2. Hi D! You already know how happy I am for you about Forever West Photography. Now I am delighted to find a link to Fine Art America, CH and I will be looking together. And now the icing on the cake, the cherry on top of the sundae… you have found your “hunk of the west” with a view! I will be googling the Selkirks and CH and I will be keeping our fingers crossed for you and your Husband. So dang delighted for you!!!!

    I did the Black Friday thing online and bought our Christmas gifts for our two great nephews. We won’t shop now for a bit and that will be for our family Christmas exchange.

    Be thinking about you and sending the bestest thoughts and wishes for you on Monday!

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    1. Hi Pix. Thanks for your support here and Instagram and FB! Your good thoughts and wishes must’ve done the trick because they accepted our last counter offer and now there’s really just Todd left to give his stamp of approval and then begin all the red tape stuff… We’ll see what happens!

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  3. WOW! I did not know about your piece of heaven land deal??????
    Cyber Monday was a long time ago… is the week before the New Year so
    LET ME KNOW what became of your land deal????????

    WOW-WOW-WOW I am so excited for YOU TWO!!!!!!!

    Love ya, Dot


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