7 thoughts on “Wednesday Inspiration 

  1. Anyone who doubts this land of ours is beautiful need only see your photographs which include views of MUCH of it! It’s easy to forget that the landscapes are so diverse; land, sea, mountains, rivers, lakes, deserts and endless vistas……there’s so much to see and do. We are fortunate! Thanks for capturing all this “inspiration” – it’s OURS too!!!!

    Hugs, Pam

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      1. Is this “the” Mrs. Rademacher that used to have great hockey parties at the horse farm in Harrisville??? I love your pictures, they are beautiful! Miss the ole’ days, the boys have grown so much. Hope all is well, in Idaho I take it?
        Kelli, Austin P’s mom :)

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        1. Hi Kelli! Yes, it’s me!
          I miss those days too -so much fun. We miss you all very much.
          Yes, in Idaho. Jake is in Aviation Tech school in Fort Wayne and Todd is back out in the road with the West Coast Bud Team.

          You’ll find this funny, but Todd ran into a couple of guys this year that put on a hockey clinic while he was assistant coach there in Alpena. He was floored. I think he was in the southwest somewhere at the time and he noticed them because they were wearing hockey shirts from round northern Michigan. Cool huh?!

          Hope you’re well – Hi to Austin!
          Jeez, we sure miss our hockey family!!! Fantastic memories.



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