My Random Five

It’s already Friday!  Time for some randomness. 

1).  Smoke blows in and out of our area at random reminding me not all the fires in our area are out – and won’t be until the snows come.  How quickly we (meaning me) forget when we (meaning me again) don’t directly deal with this issue on a daily basis. I suppose since they’ve all but taken the reporting of the fires off the news around here and the smoke, until recently, hasn’t been obscuring the mountains….Well, out of sight, truly out of mind in my case. 
I’ve heard old time ranchers and others, living in this region long before I was born, speak of our on going lack of water as a “100 year drought”. I’ve recently heard it described as a 1 in a 1000 year event. It’s really that bad. The good news is:  I’m betting there will be far more people on my “Snow Wagon” this season than ever before and that makes me pretty happy.  But first, we need our Autumn rains to really soak in good. I pray daily for that.   

2). The search for property continues. I’ve looked at so much and haven’t truly fallen in love with anything. “Anything” in my price range that is!  With the incredible influx of people to this county over the last twenty years, it has drastically driven the land prices high. Real high. At times I’ve been discouraged but mostly I feel like the right piece for us just isn’t for sale yet.  I’m praying on this too. 

3). I’ve picked a name and sent in my $25 to the State of Idaho to register my photography business. Ya, it’s pretty exciting…for me.  Ha. When it’s “officially-official”, I’ll tell what I named it. 

4).  I learned a couple weeks ago that pouring bleach on the soles of your horse’s feet can actually toughen them up enough to walk over rocks. Well, driveway gravel anyway. My farrier told me this and thought I’d give it a try. Wow. Why did I not know this before?  Course I wasn’t on Indy at the time, adding additional weight, only leading him to the arena from the barn but still. What a difference. 

5).  Two weeks ago or was it four now?  Anyway, a little while back I got to take my sweet, adorable, just-started-third-grade niece, cowboy boot shopping for her birthday. I was so in the moment I didn’t think to take one picture. Not one. She only had one request about the style and as she told the clerk: they must not be “pink”.  “I’m not into pink anymore”, she informed him.  She picked out the last, in her size and off the boys shelf mind you, pair of brown leather boots with a camo pattern on the shaft. I told her she not only looked like the real deal but also like she was ready to work!  It didn’t hit me till later than night, that the place in town where we purchased her boots is the same place I got my very first pair many, many years ago (Girls shelf, but also brown.) The whole experience made me even more happy/grateful that I’m home. 

Have a great weekend!

*Note I began this blog post well over a week ago for last Friday and didn’t get it finished and so:  My heart and prayers go out to those affected by the flooding on the East Coast. I know I speak for everyone out this way when I say:  If we could take that water from you, please know that we would!  Be safe friends. 


7 thoughts on “My Random Five

  1. I wish we could have shipped some of the rain we got out to you but we were nowhere NEAR as inundated as south of us in SC. They really got hammered. We were particularly grateful to live on a hill – there was so much flooding. It has to be tough hearing US complain about all the rain when you would just LOVE some for yourselves. Things need to “even up” ! Wonder if they ever will. Love the story of your niece’s first boots – sweet……kind of like telling the tale of your first “love”……those are the memories you call up later in life when you’re looking back at all the momentous occasions……….

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)


    1. Pam,
      Heck ya. It totally needs to “even up”. As I’ve heard it explained, the Mid-west and East really is getting our rain. Temps so warm out here that it was/is driving the moisture that way. I’d like “normal” again please. Like everyone else, I hope it’s not our new normal.
      Memories, yep. It’s all about the memories!
      Glad you didn’t flood. I had wondered about you and Dianna.
      Take care,


  2. Love your pictures, as always, D. We had at least 10 inches of rain last week (but thankfully, no flooding). How I wish we could send you some (although we were in need of it when it came…)
    How sweet of you taking your niece cowboy boot shopping – sweet.
    Look forward to learning the name of your photography business, and praying not only for rain for your area, but also for that JUST RIGHT piece of land!


    1. 10 inches? Whoa. It’s amazing you didn’t flood!
      We’ve, as of last week, have begun to get some now and then. It’s refreshing to hear people talking about how “good it is” when normally all I would hear is grumbling.
      Thanks for your prayers. Always welcome!!


  3. My Aunt always took me shopping for new shoes every fall for school. Not boots but school shoes and it is a wonderful memory that stays with me to this day. I am betting your niece will have that wonderful memory stay with her. I am hoping you find that beautiful piece of property that makes you fall in love and call it home! Waiting for “officially-official”… :)

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    1. She did? How wonderful! I want to be that Auntie. My idea was to take my niece each year for a pair of boots, for as long as she’s into it anyway.
      Looking forward to acquiring that elusive piece of property. Ha…Keeping the faith here!
      Hopefully, the business name will be official soon.


  4. LOVE_LOVE_LOVE your photography!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please keep it coming……….your travels are amazing…….!

    When YOU come home (SANDPOINT) please travel up-to Western Pleasure Guest Ranch
    and view their Winter Sleigh Ride operation!!!!!! They are working five teams….all of them
    Percherons…….three teams just delivered from Canada……a great photo opp……a team of
    greys that are lovely. Lots and lots of SNOW here.

    Happy travels to YOU!

    Love ya, Dot

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