Mile Marker 25 

This man and I – so many, many miles. He can remember every trip and the reason for it. He can remember if we were hauling our belongings in one of our various moves or if it was horses, hay, or wagons then for whom. Heck, if we were to ask him, I bet he could tell us which highways we were on.

Me?  Oh gawd no. I can remember the highlights and that’s about it. He pretty much is my memory.  He remembers things I forgot to forget. Ha.

If the question arises if I’ve seen a particular movie and I say, “that sounds kind of familiar…” And providing we saw it together, he knows the right answer. He can even tell me the year we participated in certain horse shows and the names of the horses we used.

Obviously, he could conjure up, out of thin air, any random answer and I’d never really know for sure.  Isn’t that a bit scary?

I remember this though:

I remember where I was when I first laid eyes on him.

I remember where we were and which road trip it was when he told me loved me.

I remember where we were and the date it was when he asked me to marry him.

I remember that twenty-five years ago this week I said, “I do”.


10 thoughts on “Mile Marker 25 

  1. Oh Dee………what a precious and dear post. Happy Anniversary to you and your man……the two of you have had QUITE a journey so far with so much more ahead of you in so many ways. Memories keep us all warm on the coldest of days….you have so much warmth to enjoy with yours. David and I just celebrated passing the Mile Marker 25 in September…….we plan on being around for many more markers to come but if we aren’t for any reason, it’s been a nice ride so far with a lot of memories made along the way.

    Love, Pam (and Sam)


  2. Congratulations on 25 ~d!!! Happy Happy Anniversary! Beautiful, exciting life you have made with your man. Love this post and I love your enthusiasm… how you approach each day. I feel very lucky that you share here at the blog and on Instagram. Really, some days you make my day with one of your beautiful pictures, goodness they have been beautiful lately… or you crack me up with a hashtag! Enjoy this Anniversary and many, many, many more!

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