Top Eleven Things

My six boxes of Kleenex and I will be leaving in five days, some 2000 miles away from my baby. And while I try and wrap my head around this fact (knowing I won’t see him until Christmas), I struggle with a reaction to be flippant and say:  “He’s got school and an adult now so I’m out of here”.  But I can’t even fake it.  I know…that’s the way life goes…it goes on. Nothing ever stays the same.  And it’s just time.  Honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. He is after all, 19 and a half years old.  I will eventually adjust like all parents before me.  But…right now, I can’t write without tearing up. No, truthfully, I’ve got it running down my cheeks and I don’t even care if I am in the waiting room of the Ford Garage and I’m making people uncomfortable.  Hello?!  My life as I knew it is done. Deal with it folks…I’m trying to!  Ha ha. 

<sniff, snivel, blows nose>

Okay, so anyhow…

The top eleven things I’m going to miss about Northern Indiana:

  1. Jake (Shocking, I know.)   
  2. The ever happy, sweet King dog – Along with his owners, my husband’s Aunt and Uncle, who Jake and I have been living with the past year and a half.  *xoxo to the three of them.  
  3. The mass amounts of driving (buggy) horses and draft horses everywhere I look. *Note: I’ve learned to recognize when I’m following a real fancy one when I see from under the buggy, the hooves have some serious “hang time”.  I admit, I rubberneck big time when I go around them. 
  4. Forks Grocery
  5. E&S Sales aka, The Amish Costco (No one calls it that but me…I think). 
  6. The Essenhaus Bakery/Restaurant (Okay, mainly the bakery)
  7. Driving by “Memories”.  The ball field where Jake learned to ride his bicycle without the training wheels. (The gravel at our place was too difficult.). The park where he learned to pump his legs to swing himself.  The big white house we rented when we first arrived in Shipshewana, January of ’98.  The….Oh, you get it.   
  8. The neat and tidy everything here.    
  9. The really “BIG Boy” farm machinery working the fields – So impressive.  
  10. “Fly-by’s” from a certain WWII Stearman or crop duster plane.  
  11. Jake

16 thoughts on “Top Eleven Things

  1. Bittersweet partings……part of life – one of those “parts” we’re not necessarily crazy about but necessary nonetheless. Have a good trip back home – I bet your six boxes of Kleenex will be long gone before you get there too!

    Love, Pam (and Sam)

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    1. Aw…..I’m thinking about you, girl. I just can’t imagine (since Marshall still lives a few miles from me).
      I’m hoping that you’ll adjust quickly. At least with email, etc., you’ll be able to stay in close touch with him.

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      1. Thanks Dianna. You’re right of course… it’s not like it’s the 1890’s or even 20 years ago with no internet conveniences we have now. It will be fine, he’ll get smarter and I’ll be back out home out west! “West”, the thing that’s making it more difficult and a bit easier on me at the same time! 😄Kinda weird.
        Thank you again
        -the other Dianna ;)


    2. Hey Pam. Ya, I shoulda bought stock in the company! Naw, just kidding. I’m anxious to get the goodbyes over. Last time, when I left in June, that about killed me. I suspect this time won’t be all that different.
      Thank goodness my husband will be here for this round of “g’byes”! 💕😄


  2. One thing about Jake leaving is when he comes home he will be so much more grateful for you and what you’ve all done for him. Leaving home does that to kids. At least it did it for me. Don’t cry because you’re sad, cry because you’ve done an amazing job raising your son and helping him become something bigger and better than you could have ever dreamed. :)

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    1. Thanks a bunch for your thoughtful words Kellie.
      He better get “bigger”, not taller! But “Better”? In school? Oh ya, or mama’s gonna hunt him down and kick his butt! Hahahah -Ya right!!
      But in all seriousness, again, thank you. :)

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  3. When Erica left for college, I felt like my world had just dropped out from under me. It had, she and I got home rom the junior rodeo finals and she left the next day. I drove my truck and looked for me for a time, and then, picked up my chin, blew my nose, and went back to work…it is the hardest thing, but you did your job well, take a breath, you earned it..

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    1. Gail, I had tears in my eyes when I read what you wrote. Such truths here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It will be good for me to be “home” surrounding myself with friends and family that will remind me to pull my big girl panties up! ;)


  4. I don’t have any kids but I don’t have any trouble understanding how difficult this must be for you. But after seeing all the pictures you post and how you all make “family life” work with the actual miles kinda distance between you, well I am impressed and think what a wonderful son you have both raised. He will do well and the next 4 years will be exciting with him in college. Turn your radeeohh up in that cool truck, keep your kleenex boxes close, and I know you will be fine because I understand why you #loveyourlife! Such a great family you have!

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