Random 5 Friday

*Sorry everyone…it’s what I get for doing a blog posting on my phone  I accidentally hit “publish” when I wasn’t even half done!  

Hello everyone. I just about let Friday get away from me without posting up a random mix of five pictures.  I even put in a bonus picture at the end.

Happy Friday!

Bearded Wheat on the Washington/Idaho border – Taken the first Saturday in August. Hard to believe tomorrow is the last Saturday in August. I don’t know about you all, but I’m looking extra forward to Fall this year…and the rain/snow. The northwest is a bit better and the forecast for the weekend is rain. We’re all praying be extra hard for that to happen.

My husband sent me this photo of the horses having some buddy time in an arena this week. They were having a rest day (no travel day) on their trek west from Nebraska to the Pomona County Fair in Los Angeles. They will be at the fair for the entire month of August. Then Miramar in San Diego for an airshow, then Texas.

After that?  Well, I’d have to look. That’s as far as I’ve memorized.

Buddy system during my mold removal on two bags of hockey equipment.

So fun.

My my room at the ranch back in Idaho.  I am really looking forward to being back home. Even in the smoke and all!

Seed corn. So recognized because they chop the tops. First only on the rows of males and then the remaining rows…the female ones. Then it sits more, doing what seed corn does.

*Seed Corn – Used for seeding next year.

(I hope I got the male rows first, female second thing correct – my rememberer is kinda sticky sometimes).


Speaking of corn! My boy and I combining “feed” corn together a few years ago. His dad was running a semi load of the stuff 2 hours south and we were helping out.  I think we were also studying for a vocabulary test that night.  It works really well when you can trap your kid in a tractor and he’s in a good/receptive mood!

*Feed Corn – used for feeding humans and animals.  No chopping of the tops on feed corn.

My boy is coming home tonight for the weekend – Yeah!!

Happy Weekend All!


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