Random 5 Friday


I’m joining “Random Five Friday” this week so here goes…

  1. I’m back in Indiana to put Jake in College down in Fort Wayne. Move in day was this past Wednesday. *Picture above with his darling girlfriend from two short days ago.
  2. Tomorrow he goes down to stay and begins classes on Monday.  I will see him one more time before I head back to Idaho. After that, I won’t see him again until Christmas/New Years (we’re hoping) when we join his dad on the road at the Pasadena Tournament Roses Parade.
  3. I may be starting to panic. 
  4. I opened our storage unit the other day and discovered mass amounts of white/green mold on everything porous. It’s also coating the whole cement floor. Yesterday, Jake helped me load most of it up and drag it over here to my husband’s aunt and uncles place. Today I begin the fun process of cleaning it up so we can load it again! 
  5. I have something to occupy my time while I “sit and wait” for Todd to get here (two weeks left) to take this last load of stuff to the storage unit in Idaho. 

 Stillwater Ranch Road 


6 thoughts on “Random 5 Friday

  1. One thing I love about blogging, and reading the blogs of others, is just getting to share little tidbits of our own existences with each other. I especially love the picture on the bottom. I love isolated country roads! Is that your driveway? If so I am jealous! I would love to see that view every day! (I live in town, which has it’s perks too.)

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  2. I’m sure taking Jake to college was bittersweet for you…. hopefully the time between now and Christmas will pass quickly. Ick on the mold….. not a fun job for you. Have a great weekend!

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  3. Love the photo of Jake and his adorable girlfriend – they are a cute couple…..I know it’s tough to see him off to college but how EXCITING too……you have Christmas to look forward to for catching up and hearing all about college life, etc. meanwhile you have some yucky mold to occupy your mind/time/nose!!!!

    Hugs, Pam (and of course OLD SAM!)

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  4. Ewww to the mold! We been there before. Jake and his girlfriend are adorable! The Tournament of Roses Parade… wheee, that’s fun to look forward to. Loved your pictures from last year. We have been at our State Fair and the St. Louis Clydes were not as much fun as with you and the West Coach Hitch… :D


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