While I Wait

I’m sitting here in Cody, Wyoming sipping my coffee, ready to catch up on others blog posts and watching the crew load the trucks so we can get on the road to Colorado.   

I thought I’d share a picture I took Saturday after the Fourth of July Parade here in downtown Cody. 

Hope your weekend was safe and bought you much joy. We certainly had a great week!

Now to those Blogs!



5 thoughts on “While I Wait

  1. Oh I just love all the “happy” in that photo……I’m sure you all and the horses were the highlight of the parade too…….enjoying your trip???? Oh I’m SURE of it!!!!!! Love and Hugs………..

    Pam and Sam

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  2. CODY……..WOW…………..my fav place!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I spent my 40, 50, and 60 birthdays there…………what fun!!!!!!

    Joined the museum………..love it, love it.

    Glad YOU are busy and happy……..spending time with husband and the big horses/

    The Parnell Ranch folks were awesome for the FARM TOUR!!!!!!! They really
    put on a show, including wagon rides for all out to see Ramsey and his buddy. What
    fun. They came to the luncheon with all of their crew. I helped the cowbells serve
    150 people………a big turnout I think because of the Parnell Ranch.

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    1. Hi Dot.
      Cody is pretty great. We had a great time in the week we spent there.
      I’m glad they had such a great turnout. Knew they would, people just love big horses don’t they? 😉
      Hope you’re well!


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