Happiness is…


allis 2

Happiness is spreading manure on the last Saturday in March…

allis 1

…on your very own, very orange tractor.

Needless to say, a good and productive day was had by all and that makes everyone happy!


21 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. Great pictures – love the tractor! Having grown up across the highway from a dairy barn, I have to ask…..ever heard the manure spreader called a “honey wagon”??


  2. Well Jake has a smile on his face so obviously he’s lovin’ hauling that “stuff” around! Love the tractor – our little Kubota lawn tractor is that color too. I’ve heard the “honey wagon” term before and when we lived in Taiwan many years ago the locals would carry buckets on a bamboo pole full of manure/waste and they called them “honey buckets” !! One person’s HONEY is another person’s…..well…..you know what!

    Hugs, Pam


  3. Jake looks like he is right at home with the tractor doing a chore. Grandpa said that the buckets that they carried on their shoulders with manure in them were also called honey buckets when he was in Korea.


  4. Thank YOU……….love tractors…………

    Never seen the Amish……………………………….send more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What other livestock do you have there to make all that you know what????????????????


  5. Nothing like a productive day to make you feel good! And the tractor photos call to my farming roots (both grandparents!) Happy spring! ~ Sheila


      1. ~d is your Instagram public or private? How do you get those snaps up in the header of your profile on Instagram. I have my account private where I have to approve people to my account but I am rethinking it.


        1. Hi. It’s public. I went private at first then decided to change it. I figured I wouldn’t share anything I don’t already on my blog/website.
          If I understand what you mean by header on my Instagram profile, then I believe those just show up.


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