things I don’t hear anymore…

This is part three and I think, my last installment of “things I don’t hear anymore”…maybe.



when I was your age…



because I said so



where’s your report card?



just wait till you have kids of your own



do you have homework?

Of course I hear myself asking my son this now.




I bet it’s safe to say every one of you have heard most or even all of these first hand.

Am I right? 

Please say yes, I don’t want to be the only wild child.


15 thoughts on “things I don’t hear anymore…

  1. Oh absolutely I’ve heard these…….and more! I distinctly remember this one too – “you’re much too young to wear make-up young lady!”…..all I can say to your lists in this series of yours is BEEN THERE/DONE THAT (mostly).

    Hugs, Pam


  2. Hey ~d~ stop with the shoe pictures! I’m thinking now that it is you that is fueling my shoe fetish.. ;)
    Yes you are right, I heard em all!
    “Wipe that smile off your face!” Always confusing cause if you remember before I heard “smile” ALL. THE. TIME. from my Dad.
    “Don’t get smart with me”
    Before contacts, “did you lose your glasses again?”
    Your not the only wild child, I drove the nuns crazy.
    Please don’t say it’s the last installment. No pressure, just whenever you think of it.. :)


    1. You crack me up, “Always confusing…”. Ha ha ha!
      I don’t know what the deal is but for about the last four years I have noticed I have begun a shoe fetish of my own I’ve never had!
      Well, with my ever lacking forgetfulness ya just never know! :)


  3. Hear them? I’m the one who is saying them now. Isn’t that awful. Don’t you just hate it when you hear the words tumbling out of your mouth and you know that you vowed never, ever to say them, but there they are as being possessed by your parents?


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