things I don’t hear anymore…

This will be a two-part series or possibly more, as my memory allows.  It’ll also ring a bell or two with many of you…I’m sure of it.


get on your horse, the cows are out

we’re gonna have to chain up [snow chains]

welup! [dad-speak for: it’s time to get up from this table and go back to work.]

did you collect the eggs?

get out of the bathroom, it’s my turn!

mooooomm, she’s bugging me!  followed up with:  you’re over the line!  stay on your side

did you do your chores?

did you get the all gates shut?

you’re so busted, I’m gonna tell

no you can’t take the truck to town, ride your bike {town was where stuff happened man!  I rode the 7 miles happily.}

did you remember to turn the water off? [water at one or more stock tanks]

What don’t you hear anymore?


9 thoughts on “things I don’t hear anymore…

  1. Ahhhh yes……..I recognize several of those but most especially the “Maaaaaaa – he(she) is on my side!!!!” thing. Anytime we traveled in the car my brother and I were constantly having the battle of the perfectly divided back seat. But in spite of how infuriating I recall that it was, now I look at it and smile….and miss it…..but don’t tell him I said that!

    Hugs, Pam
    p.s. love the windows


      1. Mom still makes Cherry and Pineapple delight :) It’s got a crunchy buttery crust bottom, cherry jello and cherries in the middle and Dream Whip or Cool Whip on top – mmm delish!


  2. Stop slamming that screen door!
    I could ride to Smithfield on your bottom lip! (when we pouted)
    I’ll give you something to cry about!
    (And I’d give almost anything to hear her say them again….)
    Fun post, Dee!


  3. Smile!
    Stand up straight, put your shoulders back!
    How’d the da*n horses get out?
    Stop running!
    Don’t use that tone with me…..
    Hi Sweets!(my Mom)

    I enjoyed this! Looking forward to more.. :) Did you get the ‘all’ gates shut? Ha Ha Ha! See my #3.. :D


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