All We Want For Christmas…


I’ve been forced to recycle old snow pictures because Michigan still has zip in the snow department.  Oh well, it was fun going though these pictures of winter’s past.  I hope you enjoy my collection, hopefully there’s one or two in here that you haven’t seen before.

The above picture and the next few my mom or one of her friends took of us feeding out hay on the Dover Ranch for evening chores.  The year was 1980 something on the ranch in Dover, Idaho



Here in this shot you can see the cute little bovine buggars in the back ground chowing down.



My mom and dad.  I think the name of the team they’re driving was “Sonny” and “Dusty”.  They were one of many teams we had, I remember them being very sweet and gentle.



The ranch house.  My room was up under the eaves in the attic.  So cozy.  Man I miss that place.



What we did during the holiday season.  My mom and dad started this business back in the 1980’s in the town of Sandpoint, about three miles east of Dover where the ranch was.  Originally, when the Round Town Trolley started it was just for the Christmas season but it was met with such great enthusiasm by the towns people and store owners that it then ran for years from Memorial Day Weekend until Labor Day Weekend.  Good times.


rose-bud in tandem

This is one of my most favorite winter pictures.  I know I’ve shared it before.  It’s of my best friend, me, her horse and mine hooked as a Tandem to the stone boat.  It’s how we cleaned up behind the draft horses in the barn everyday after school when my parents were gone for a month to the draft horse sales in the Midwest.  We were pretty proud of ourselves that we got our riding horses to do what the draft horses could.

*Rose” and “Bud “ were already trained to drive in a team, side by side, this was a new thing for them that they did excellent at.  Oh!  Photo credit to my Mom.


todd, gene and andy logging

Todd, his dad, ”Elsie” my dog and “Andy” the horse we adopted from Anheuser-Busch in 1996 at our place in Bonners Ferry, Idaho skidding logs.



Jake and I posing for “Da” (Todd) on our front porch in Bonners Ferry.


scan0010 (2)

Back in Minnesota for Christmas in 1996.  Someone wasn’t very happy and that grin on my face is just me trying not to laugh at his drama.



A much happier camper the week after we arrived at our new “address” in Shipshewana, Indiana 1998.


happiness in the snow IIscan0192

I call this Happiness In The Snow.  Shipshewana, Indiana 1998



Another shot of that happy camper this time as a bit older child on the shores of Lake Huron our first winter here in Michigan, 2006.


moose nose fx3

Frosty moose “Indy” (my quarter horse) nose. 



Jake and Todd snowmobiling by moonlight in the hayfield in front of the house.



Jake tearing it up in the Northwest pasture, February 2011.



New Year’s Day drive on the farm, January 2012.

Wow, I bet you just won’t believe it when I say, “All we want for Christmas is snow”. 

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the snow you desire…if it’s on your list too and zip if it isn’t!




22 thoughts on “All We Want For Christmas…

  1. Beautiful pictures. I am afraid you are getting your wish of snow but not like you want. It looks like you are driving in a bad storm all the way here. Drive carefully. Maybe it will be covered with snow when you get home.


    1. I wouldn’t dare complain. :) It’s totally worth it; you know we’re snow lovers through and through… The good, the bad and the ugly. Course having a big four wheel drive truck makes things a tinsey bit more “comfortable”.


  2. I feel like I just got to look through a treasured family album. You know, D, on one level I don’t like this at all – it really brings to the fore just how quickly my girls are growing up. But just that one level. Otherwise, this was great fun!


  3. You are the only person I’ve ever known that uses and knows the words “stone bolt.” We used one to clean out the barns, too, and Dad drove a team of Belgians, Tony and Bruce, to the field to empty the sb. He’d let my sister and I up onto their withers for the lumbering ride out and back … magical.

    All of your pictures are wonderful and evoke such happy, cozy memories.

    It snowed here yesterday and everyone was delighted — just hope it lasts.

    Merry Christmas, D!! MJ


    1. You make me smile MJ. I can see you little ones getting a ride and hanging on to the hames!
      On a side note, my dad always referred to that stone boat activity as North Idaho surfing. ;)

      May the spirit of Christmas be with you always MJ.



  4. I love these…so many are iconic…they could be from a book of Christmas prints…just perfect! You may be missing snow this winter…well, maybe by now you’re blanketed in white…but you’ve obviously had plenty of it in years past.
    Hope your Christmas was merry and bright! ~ Sheila


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