Seven Things and A Letter To Jack F.


1. As of last weekend the 2012 harvest season officially came to an end for us.  And by that I mean we’re done with all our crops.  Everything.  The hay, the soy beans and now the corn, in that order.  We’re pretty happy about it and if we had more energy we’d have a party and sit around and talk about what we liked best about it.  I’m just kidding…but not about the energy part.





2. Over the course of the corn harvest I developed a corndog craving that hasn’t been rectified. The want for one popped into my head and wouldn’t leave me alone; still won’t leave me alone. I can’t stop thinking of state fair corn dogs, because to me, they’re the best.  I fear I will have to wait until next summer to fix this major problem in my life.



3.  When I tell my 16 year old to meet me at the field after school for a night of combining he stops at the quick-stop and picks up sustenance.  I brought the “Scrabble” Cheez-It’s from home.  I always try and keep junk food educational, I am the mom after all.



4.  We got our Christmas tree last weekend.  It’s up but not decorated.  I am going to rectify that today.  I know, what’s the rush right?



5.  The ice arena is up, but the liner isn’t down, therefore the water hasn’t been added.  The ground is simply too warm.  Okay, so part of the ice arena is up.



6.  We’ve gotten the first few snow falls here but it hasn’t even totaled two inches yet and whatever we get just melts.  Which is good in some ways because…see #5.



7.  I rode in 59 degree weather the day after Thanksgiving.  I thought then it would be the last warm ride for 2012, but I just heard this coming Monday is going to be in the 50’s again.




And now a brief letter:


Dearest Mr. Frost,

I have a Michigan weather request.  Please make with the cold.  We know you’re going to make it happen sooner or later and time’s a wastin’ Jack!  Lets get with it already. 


Your biggest fan and truest admirer,



20 thoughts on “Seven Things and A Letter To Jack F.

  1. Dee you are so talented who would ever think of doing a post like you. There is a book or two inside of you that just needs to be written. This is the earliest you have been done with crops Right?


  2. I recall the skating rink from last year. Here in the south, the low temps rarely last long, thankfully. If I could add to your letter I would tell old Jack that he could spare us any of those freezing temps and give them to those who really appreciate them. Sounds like your neck of the woods would be ideal!

    BTW, I shared the Westfall video with my husband and he watched it twice. He was as impressed as I thought he would be and wanted me to thank you for sharing it with us. Truly special.


  3. Yes, Mr. Frost, let’s get on with it! 45 degrees in December in MinneSNOWta is just not acceptable. If I have to put up with 90 degree weather and humidity in July, then I should be rewarded with snow in December. My new ski boots from last Christmas are still in the box.


  4. Hey Dee…..Looks and sounds like you’re ready for (a) a corndog or two….or maybe three….and (b) some COLD weather with snow! We got our tree up and decorated today (per Sam’s request) but as I’ve gotten older, it seems to take longer – what’s with that?! Will look forward to pix of an ice rink with ice…….(!!).



  5. As always love the photography but #7 was really quite special with you as a shadow.
    It’s almost 5:00 and its 57 here and going to 63 tomorrow. Go buy some corn dogs, stick them in your saddle bag and take another ride.


  6. Harvest, yeah… snacks, ok… ice rink… yup yup yup – but D, that photo of the horses in your header is fabulous! I like that scene a LOT.

    Wait – you’ll have an ice rink? You guys are too cool.


    1. Heck ya we do! It gets a lot of use too, only not by me. You see, I’m scary on skates. I’ll help set up, put water on it in 12 below and tear down but I stay off it. And that’s a real good thing. ;)


  7. Wow, Dee, your header is absolutely gorgeous! You keep outdoing yourself!
    Love your 7 random things….didn’t know they even made Scrabble cheez-its. Love your “snow” picture and your “ride” picture.


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