On Being Thankful


These pictures, taken over the past week and a half, will be the backdrop for what I’d like to say this eve before Thanksgiving.


I’m thankful for this child.


I believe he was born capable.


However, it’s just been in the last five years or so that he’s gotten the height and strength to to go along with it.


Because of that, he is a major help to his dad.


I am thankful to have a “job” that allows me, in between outside projects, to jump on my horse bareback and take him for a quick ride just because the weather is warm, too warm not to take advantage of.  I won’t regret, deep into January, that it took thirty minutes away from mowing.


I’m thankful that the shrub beds are “put to bed”, the mowing is over with and all the outdoor Christmas lights are up and ready to be plugged in this Friday night!


I am thankful that even though I was raised in the country a couple thousand miles from here, I am still living in the country, where after doing “night-duty” (throwing hay and checking on horses) I can walk from the barn to the house by moon light alone.


I am thankful and feel privileged to operate such awesome equipment.


I am thankful that if I ever need to I can add:  “Can operate a combine” to my resume.  I just can’t claim to know what to do if something needs to be adjusted.  “Operate only”.  Operate being the operative word.


I am thankful for this man’s bottomless reserves of patience and his belief in me.


He once said to me, “If I didn’t think you could do I wouldn’t ask you to.”


From time to time over the past couple of weeks this grain semi has been “my” wheels.  I’ll say it again, “I am thankful and feel privileged to operate {and be trusted with} such awesome equipment.”  Period.


I am thankful for fresh water.

This is my bathtub – “water well flush” in progress.  We had issues last week.  It’s all good now….it’s all white and sparkly again, that also means every other dang thing in this house that water can and does touch is too.  Good times!


Clearly, I am thankful for a lot more in life than I could express here but I am thankful that harvest season has been a good one and that it’s about over.  We’re on our last field tonight and should be finished by Sunday!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!


21 thoughts on “On Being Thankful

  1. GREAT POST DEE. We all have so much to be thankful for. With all the hospital stays that this family had this year , even when it looked like things might not turn out well, they DID. Need I say more, except the great family and extended family we have been blessed with. That we have always said is our lottery win.


  2. Happy thanksgiving to all of you from Lansing – I hope the three of you and all the horses have a grand holiday and weekend and end of harvest hootenanny, D!


  3. Your words had me smiling, but then they usually do. Your pictures had me smiling, but then they usually do.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Dee, to you & your family.
    I’m thankful we’re blogging friends!


  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Dee……..I’m sure I speak for all of us who love your blog posts, your beautiful photos, and the obvious love with which you do it all. To everyone else tuning in this Thanksgiving morning to read this – HAPPY THANKSGIVING – any friend of Dee’s is a friend of mine! :D

    Hugs, Pam


  5. You made my heart sing with this post; your love for your boy and your pride in him, your love of country, the land, your Hubbs sweet words of support for you, and your own strength and talents — just wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving, please give Shelby and extra pet just from me.


    1. Awww…really? Thanks MJ. Shelby says thanks for the pet-by-proxy. ;)
      Hope you’re enjoying your day and that it’s as gorgeous and warm down there as it is here! With the grainery closed and the weather so dang nice it’s a perfect opportunity to put the ice arena up here today. :) Lots of smiles going here, sending some down to you.


  6. Beautiful! Maybe I’ve missed it…but have you considered publishing your photos in book form? I would buy it! Thanks for the inspiring read, even if I am a little late for the holiday! ~ Sheila


  7. Beautiful pics as always! I am right there with you on ‘operating’ equipment! My skills are very limited if I have a problem. Having good equimpent makes things so much easier. Glad everything is straightened out with the well water… been there!


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