The Rest of September in Snapshots


The past few weeks there’s been an awful lot of picture taking going on and not a lot of time to post them.  Heck, I’ve not had any time to read anyone’s blogs lately either.  I have a lot of catching up to do.  Oh, and my mom is here visiting, which translates to major picture taking/making in progress.  But first, I’m going to fix the backlog issue here and now by posting the last of my September shots.



This is not one of our corn fields.  We won’t be harvesting our corn until the very end of October or early November.  Soy beans are first.  Well, no… first is the draft horse show this coming week…then soy beans, then corn. 

There’s an order to these things…don’t you know?



Double rakes being hooked together…Because we did our first ever third-cutting hay on the home-place this year!  Late summer we were really lacking in the rain department, not quite like our neighbors down in the corn belt but we were beginning to feel it and were starting to get concerned about our corn and soy beans.  Then like a blessing that it is, we got a big shot of rain late August and then serious sun.  That’s all she needed…our grass went crazy and our corn and soy beans breathed a sigh of relief.



Double rakes in operation.



The results of the double rake drying in the sun. 

Big, moisture-absent, western winds were making lots of people around this place grin from ear to ear.



Autumn in full swing.



Nothing says “Fall” like a red maple.  Or a yellow maple…or an orange one. 

Or maybe a maple that has all of the above.  Due to the lack of water late summer, then the saving big rains, so many, many of the deciduous trees have awesome graduation of color going on.  Just too wonderful to describe.



Hay cut and ready for that double rake.



Dried Queen Anne’s Lace bracing for those cold, bitter Lake Huron winter winds.



Someone’s farm lane during a dramatic sunset.



Same sunset, Jake bringing up the rear.



The Canadian geese are in the process of circling the wagons here.



I love how they fly a round and a round, the flock increasing in size almost daily as they gather one another, preparing to head south in search of their winter homes.  A lot of the locals are kind of doing the same thing.



Soon, all this will be under deep snow…I hope.



Looking back, I believe I’ve done my part in enjoying the summer…



Shelby and I hope you have too.


14 thoughts on “The Rest of September in Snapshots

  1. Oh what glorious photos D…… them all. Lots of hard work during the season but just look at the beauty all around you. I’d say you did your part – and then some! What a dear photo of Shelby…..what a pal.

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)


    1. Thank you!
      Ya, now that she’s aged she’s more of a pal than she ever thought of being. You see, she was always too busy “working”. However, today she’s MIA…I hear she’s in the barn office and won’t come out. Todd says he thinks she’s doing paperwork. Me? I’m thinking the all day rain we’re currently getting has something to do with it…She got cozy and doesn’t care to leave!. :)
      Hugs to Sam.


  2. Okay, I THINK my favorite is the pic of “someone’s farm lane”. They’re all glorious! Thank you for sharing, and take a rest, sweetie. Before you know it, you’ll be up to your nose in snow!


  3. It’s nice to hear you had a fruitful and good summer. I plan to get the girls to the horse show at some point but am not sure which day. Anything I can look out for to recognize your lot?


    1. Hi Sid. Here’s a link to the Michigan Great Lakes International Draft Horse show schedule. I remember you saying that your girls are horse crazy so I’m thinking it won’t matter what classes they catch or if they catch them at all ;) but the six and eight horses hitch classes have a tendency to blow peoples doors off. :) Just look for the name “Glenview Clydesdales”. The farm show colors are dark green, black and white. Hope we get to meet you guys!


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