Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine


Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

Uniquely Mine:  The view from the tractor as I cut hay.


Sunday, I could swear the color was changing before my very eyes.

Simply Gorgeous.

Clearly, I am a pretty blessed girl.  I get to cut as many fields during haying season as I want to.  Sometimes, like this year (lucky us), up to three cuttings in some locations.  But field, after field, after field for three solid days in a row with five and six hour stretches at a time may be my limit.


I know poor me.   Honestly, I love that stinkin’ cutter, it’s such a blast to drive.  When the fields are smooth we dang near FLY!  It’s kinda like sailing with a really powerful motor.  I know, that doesn’t even make sense.  Guess a person just has to experience it first hand.  It’s just simply awesome!


With the ever changing colors up here in Northern Michigan it’s been hard at times to concentrate on mowing straight lines or basically just getting it all cut.  I can blame the scenery of course, but it could be too that my brain is just fried.  Yesterday, I was especially bad and left some more than my normal amount in the field, or as my Dad calls: “Share Cropping”. Translation: Leaving Your Share In The Field.   Yah, well I like to think of it as leaving it for the deer.


There’s good news and bad news.

The good news is:  I don’t have to worry about concentrating so hard or being distracted anymore because yesterday, at about 7pm, as I was driving out of a field, I called my husband and said, “Okay, I’m done here and I quit.  I’m ready to play house and do domestic stuff now”.  He said, “Good. There’s no more to cut”.

The bad news is:  I now have to do domestic stuff.


Until next year, yah “Screaming Mean Green Machine”!

I wonder how that buggar would work in the shrub beds?


21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

  1. Yes you are a pretty AND blessed girl and we are blessed by knowing you! Love this post – it makes me happy that you love what you are doing…. or WERE doing before you have to go back to KP duty. Guess I won’t get to experience the Screaming Mean Green Machine when I get there! That is ok – more time to play.


  2. Awesome wheels there Missy! Do I feel sorry for you out there in all that beauty? Naaah. Now that all that cutting is done it’s back to reality (whatever THAT is!!).

    Hugs, Pam (and of course Sam)


  3. Seeing the pictures of the color I can just really picture all of it, last year when we were at your place at this time of the year, I remember them saying that Michigan had the most tourist in years because of the outstanding color. Glad to hear that George appeared at the supper table. What did Jake think of it.?


    1. I didn’t know that about Michigan’s abundance of tourists…Ha, the majority must be over on the west side of the state because people-wise, it doesn’t look any different over here!
      Jake said, “Great!”. Whew, good thing huh?


  4. Love this post! All of the color in the trees! And I adore that line – ‘and the bad news is that I have to do domestic work’. It never stops does it? But isn’t it wholesome and delightful?


    1. Thank you Renee. “Wholesome and delightful”, I agree it really is, well all of it is, the inside work and the outside work. Too much of anything isn’t fun after a while. “Balance” I think, is what it’s all about.


  5. Normally I’d say “Yours? Fine by me. You can have it,” about yardwork. But with this kind of scenery, I can understand the sentiment.


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