Weekly Photo Challenge–Merge


This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge theme is:  “Merge”

This is “Building 29”.  It’s located directly behind the Munson Medical Center here in Traverse City.


The beauty was one of the many buildings that were once part of the old State Hospital complex.  And that’s about all I know of its history.  I’ve asked around some but have yet to find what it was originally used for.





I did find out that once renovations are complete it will see offices in there for hospital accounting and other administrative activities.


The blue sign in the foreground directs guests to the “Munson Manor Hospitality House”.  That curvy sidewalk leads one to the front of a beautiful building, the Manor House next door.  It’s where Todd and I are staying while we are here for Jake’s surgery/recovery stay.


However, we walk along this side of Building 29 to and from “our” house.  When I said, ‘directly behind’ I wasn’t kidding was I?

Seeing those two buildings so close together also made me think “merge” – merging the new right along side the old.


The manor house looks almost identical to this one…well, except for the fact that it is completely renovated…and gorgeous!  I’ll do a separate post on it in all its originally restored glory another time.


It’s a short walk from the house to the hospital where our boy is.  As I told a family member, it’s a shorter walk from the manor to the hospital than it is from our home on the farm to the horse barn.

Speaking of Jake, he came thru lung surgery real well and we’re hoping by tomorrow he’ll get the “okay” to go home.

Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers – it was so awesome knowing you were sending them our way!

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone.



10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge–Merge

  1. Am anxious to see the photo’s of where you stayed. It’s great when they can try and make it a little easier on families when they have to be away from home when someone is in the hospital. By the way Jake sounded great when he called today. Sure hope you can leave tomorrow and have that stress done with.


  2. I was eaded to your blog to ask how the surgery went, and now see you’ve a groovy new Merge post and you mentioned that it went well. Alright! I’m stumped by this challenge so far.


  3. Hi Dee……….have had you all in our prayers this weekend and so happy to hear Jake made it through surgery like the champ he is! Hope you can go home tomorrow – I’m sure at this point the old saying “there’s no place like home” REALLY REALLY rings true!

    Nice photos too…….looks like the State Hospital used to be quite a place in its’ day…….old structures have so much character!

    Hugs from Pam and Sam


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