Weekly Photo Challenge-Growth


I’ll be joining in on WordPress’s creative theme inspiration each week as I feel compelled and this week…I do!

Every Friday WordPress releases their theme of the week and participants are to show a photograph that they interpret as such. This week’s theme is “Growth” and in an effort to share what growth means to me I’ve dug into my photo’s of wheat from last summer. 

I hope that using a past photo is kosher.  I looked but couldn’t find in the “rules” if a person is allowed to use old photos or if a photo dated after the day the theme is released is desired.  Please, if someone knows…give a shout out because I don’t want to be a rule breaker here!

At any rate…this Wheat Field is what “Growth” means to me.

*Want to join in too?  Just click the “Post A Week” badge above for more information.


14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Growth

  1. Hi D….I don’t know what the rules are I’m afraid BUT I do love that photo…..it’s perfect to illustrate growth. Bravo! I also love your header – brilliant photo too.

    Pam (and Sam)


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