Farm Report: Hay Much?


We cut…


They bale.


This old dog…


She inspects.


She inspects much.


This boy, he polishes…Much.


I polish.


I scrub.


It was seven down one to go when this shot was taken last week. 


As of today, all eight sets are clean and ready for Saturday’s Fourth of July Parade!

1DSC_9599 (2)

Meanwhile, they continue to bale.


And we continue to find hay to cut.


So they can continue to bale.


So we can continue to cut.


So they can …well you get the idea. 

And that my friends is a local farm report.


15 thoughts on “Farm Report: Hay Much?

    1. Shelby is still needing that afternoon at the lake, the flies were biting bad the last day I could have taken her over. Since then, well, she’s been holed up in the air-conditioning! “Soon”, said mother smiling!


  1. “Busy” doesn’t quite cover it out there on the farm! Cutting, baling, and Shelby’s snoopervising – lots going on. Shelby looks ready for a break…no doubt EVERYBODY feels that way. I bet people really look forward to seeing those horses in the parade though – all shined and polished and gorgeous. Looking forward to Jake’s photos….

    Pam (and Sam)


    1. She was way past needing a break but still wouldn’t get in the golf cart for a ride back to the house – Stubborn old girl!
      Jake’s on the crew again this year, meaning his hands will be busy but I hope he can get a few anyway. :)


      1. Oh we hope so….but his hands may be “too full” for a camera too! At any rate, don’t work too hard Miss D…….give Shelby a kitty hug from me will you? She looked quite pooped.

        Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  2. Love the hay operation. It must smell wonderful out your way. That may be the only thing I miss about haying season. Well and cooking big yummy meals for the hay crew. The heat, sweat, dust and blisters, not so much. Oh, and I guess I miss being in the great shape that haying season always got you into…. :) Happy Haying.


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