This Concludes The Tour


This will be the last installment of my tour around the Merrimack Hamlet where the East Coast Budweiser Hitch calls home.



As you remember this is the outside of that cool 1972 Bavarian style barn.

Sorry to ruin the effect…that upper loft door was open so the hay crew could get a cross breeze giving them more ventilation – they work better when they can breathe I guess.



{Loft door closed as they hadn’t started yet.}

This is the public side of the cupola on the barn, complete with a non-working clock. 

Hey Burt, while you’re off the road for a couple of months, why don’t you  climb up there and fix that?”



This is the backside of that cupola that faces, well, the back of the barn, or the non-public side.

Hey Burt!  There’s a door there…shouldn’t be too hard to get access to that clock.  You could always initiate that “new” guy you all just hired by making him do it.

*Congratulations Mark & Vickie Boese – Welcome back to Bud!  Love you guys.



This is the view from the loft looking down on the courtyard…I guess that’s what they call it…courtyard.  It’s what I’m gonna call it till they correct me.

To the left and right of the fountain is the East Coast Hitch employee housing.



The one on the right…



and the one on the left.  Aren’t they pretty?!



Mr. Boese, FYI:  After hours, this is NOT a hot tub.



Here are those bay, white legged horses you’ve probably all been wondering why I won’t show…  



They were turned out in their paddocks for the day when I took these shots.



As I over heard Marcy the tour guide later in the day tell some visitors, they were out “Having recess”. 

They looked to me like they were thinking of starting a game of volleyball here.  No they weren’t.  They were hard at work doing what horses to best…napping in the sun.



I think this here is “Duffy”.   If it is, this this is him pondering if I’m gonna sneak up on him again and scare him right out of his jammies.  “Relax – you’re on downtime buddy – enjoy.” 

I thought the steam rising off the roof of the barn as the sun defrosted it was neat, though you really gotta look to see it.  It’s better seen in the first barn shot above.



Don’t know what these two horses names are.  But I do know that is the brewery in the background.   You can bet when the wind blows just right, these horses know just who they work for!






One last shot of my most favorite barn doors ever.  Ok, probably everyone’s favorite barn doors ever!



Thank you AB, very much, not only for the continued hay patronage but for your always wonderful hospitality. 

We’re very much looking forward to coming back! 



P.S.  Thanks again Soto for letting us use your wheels for motel transportation and to you and Burton both for letting Todd & Jake use your hot water for showers!  They smelled like roses making our ride to the Maine coast the last half of that day much, much nicer for me.  Hope you all aren’t on the road next time we bring hay!


8 thoughts on “This Concludes The Tour

  1. That really is a beautiful property right down to the barn doors! Your pictures just made it all come alive so nicely Miss D !! Thanks for sharing – I’ve enjoyed the tour immensely.



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