The Clydesdale’s Crib


If you’re joining in late you may want to read the two previous posts.

I’m having a little tour here of our time at the home base for the East Coast Budweiser Hitch which is in Merrimack, New Hampshire.



This is the outside, the public side, of their horribly, dumpy, beautiful residence.






and this is on the inside of that Bavarian style barn where the horses eat and sleep.

This particular stall belongs to “Duffy”.  You can about make out his name on the brass name plate above his stall.  I scared the you-know-what out of poor “Duffy” when we got to the barn that “Black Friday” morning.  Guess the poor guy wasn’t expecting someone to come in the back way.  Hope he’s over it by now.





This is the shower stalls where all the spa treatments take place.



This area also doubles as a ‘vetting’ area.



To the side of the ‘spa area’ is a door that goes into the…



Wagon room.



In here is an original barrel wagon seen to the right.  A couple of regular ‘hitch wagons’ to the back, also called freight wagons and this one…



an old steak stake-bed wagon. (Thanks for setting me straight on my crappy spelling mother! ;)



You can kind of see it better here.  I was really after the block work in the wall and the gorgeous wood ceiling in this shot.  But see the wooden stakes on the wagon at the bottom of the picture?

Yah, no…I didn’t mean steak as in meat.  It’s just a different kind of delivery/freight wagon.  I’ve got a better picture here of the other one they have in Saint Louis, we used it on the movie shoot in Colorado and honestly it’s the better one of the two.  One of these days I’ll do a post on that whole movie making experience.  Cause like…clearly, I don’t have enough to share already.



I’ve said it before and I must say it again:  I.  Loved.  These.  Dang.  Doors.



I wanted to put a couple in my pocket and bring them home.  Pocket, yah right.  I could’ve threw them in the semi, it’s not like I was lacking cargo space.  Can you just imagine the look on Larry’s face?  Oh, that would have been priceless.

I just now noticed that the morning sunlight coming in is not from the door you think it is…see it there on the floor?  That sunlight is coming from the door across the way just to the right.  Makes kind of a weird picture, I think.

One other thing:  the brick is where the public walks when they come in for a tour and the black rubber is obviously where the horses walk when they go back and forth to their stalls.  Of course, this was before all the ropes were put into place for the morning – you can see one of the chrome posts there to the middle of the picture and the rest up against the wall further down.



Alright you guys…that’s enough of the inside.  The only thing left on our little tour here is the outside.  Time to go out.



…out where the boys are having recess!


9 thoughts on “The Clydesdale’s Crib

  1. (sigh) I think hubby and I might have to plan a trip to New Hampshire….or is there a facility like this nearer to Virginia? But, maybe I shouldn’t go: I wouldn’t want to leave.
    Your pictures are fabulous – as always. Love the one of those Christmas wreaths through the red door!


    1. The one closest to you would have been Busch Gardens but InBev (the Belgian company that bought AB) pulled the horses not long after the purchase. Merrimack would be the spot. You should so go. Tell’em we sent ya!


  2. What a gorgeous facility this is….only fitting that gorgeous horses have a gorgeous home but this really is spectacular. Hey – I’m with you on those doors too – I’d love to have a pair myself!!! Of course I’d have to build a barn to put them on but that would be nice too!!

    Pam (and Sam)


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