The What & For Who

*Sorry this wasn’t posted up as soon as I would have liked.  Life, farming and hockey have a way of crimping my style here sometimes!


I’m gonna start out saying right from the get-go:  I took way too many pictures.


Consider that a warning and scroll fast if you get sick of this pictures-excess of mine; I just couldn’t help myself. 



So, I bet you’ve figured out by the pictures in my last post that we delivered a semi load of hay out East.



Merrimack, New Hampshire to be exact. 



And the “Who” it was delivered to…




This is their barn.



Kinda dumpy huh?

I know most of you know right off who the “who” was by seeing this barn and not because you knew we were gonna be there.



It was to the Budweiser East Coast Hitch based right there at the brewery.



Black Friday for us started out with over-seeing the barn cleaning process.

FYI: I am not, read: NOT a shopper so this was a fine and dandy Black Friday for this girl!



Well, wait.  Before that we I watched the horses being led out to their paddocks for the day, right after I got in the way so many times I probably should have been kicked off the property.



Larry here was the only crew member at the stable.  Why?  Because the rest of the hitch ran off to Detroit, ya Detroit, to do the Thanksgiving parade!   Crazy thing is if we’d not been taking them hay we would have gone down and been with them for Thanksgiving!  So how do you like that?  We switched locations.

Sorry we missed you guys!  Maybe next time huh?



Ok, so we watched Larry clean stalls. 



We watched much.

FYI: Larry does excellent work.



Then, I suppose, because too much watching is really hard on a person…



A guy just can’t help but pitch in and help.

Notice the hay staging area (behind the scenes) all set up and ready to go.



All clean and ready for the public!  And when our haying help arrived from the temp agency were ready to unload that hay.

Bear with me, those pictures and way too many more are next.

Please don’t hold your breath, we’ve got hockey again today….like in a couple of hours!


13 thoughts on “The What & For Who

  1. Love it!!! Not too many pics for me – Some of those shots are extraordinary!!!
    Looking through the doors – fog shots – Light through the windows in the
    barns ohhh just loved the tour!


  2. These photos are gorgeous. I don’t think you took too many at all. And I completely understand the holiday and activity tsunami making it tough to blog. I have had to fight to find a rare moment. Loved this post! -kate


    1. Thank you very much. And I do love that camera.
      I have always tried to enjoy our crazy weird holidays. Non-traditional yes, but still good memories, everyone of them.


  3. Dee,
    I just starting to try and get caught up on post to your blog site. This place is more than amazing. So very beautiful and what beautiful horses to put in the beautiful barns!!!

    Is this where Mark is now? If so, luck him.


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