The Little Blue Box People


Could this work of art be from the one and only Tiffany Glass Company?

Hopefully, one of these days that question will be answered and I’ll be getting a call from Mr. & Mrs. Bair II telling me that my commission check for 4.5 million dollars is in the mail.  You did say 4.5 right Mr. Bair?

Oh.  It wasn’t?




In August, when I was still in Deer Lodge, Montana, Kathy and Warner Bair II graciously had me back (twice) to specifically take pictures of all the stained glass in their lack luster, no personality house.  Pictures that they submitted to some guy out East (I think from out East) who will tell them if what they have is the real deal or not. 

They had me back twice mind you, because the first time I screwed up and deleted all the stained glass pictures off my camera card – My first “gig” and I pretty much blew it…I felt so stinkin’ smart.

And yes, I’m totally joking about the “lack luster” and “no personality” part.  That mansion is the polar opposite of lack luster and no personality as you’ve seen from past posts I’ve done on it.



The three pictures above are what was once the original “Morning/Breakfast Room”.  I think that’s what it would have been called.  At any rate, it’s now an office.

I know I’ve shown you these gorgeous works of art before but I just thought I’d share the close-ups and a few more pictures I got from atop the ladder the second time around









Those above are from the original Dining Room.  Now the Kitchen.









Those above are of the Ladies Parlor, now the Dining Room. 

I had an excellent dinner in this room while I was there!  Thank you Kathy. 

People, her homemade bread is …to…die…for.





Hey…Dottie, do you see “your” truck?



Those above are of the Gentleman’s Parlor, now the living room.







The stained glass over the fireplace mantle in the living room.







Those above are of an Upstairs Bedroom.



Original Library…



taken from the outside because…



the inside is boarded up right now.

Aren’t the curved walls in the old library cool?!  (See outside picture for a better idea of the curved bump-out or maybe it’s called a “bay”?  Anyone?

Ok, so given this is the third time I’ve taken pictures of these windows…wait.  I’ve done this four times total; three times, if you don’t count the fact I had to do a do-over.  Maybe I blew my “third times’ a charm” chance and they won’t end up being Tiffany and I won’t get my 4.5 trillion dollar commission check. 



An interesting piece of information I found on-line reads like this:

The process was described in a late-nineteenth century quote from the Philadelphia America: “The Tiffany windows are triumphs of artistic ingenuity in dealing with a stubborn material. Hard lines are softened and tones blended and modified by plating one color with another; and…the gradation of tints and modeling of forms is produced…either by varying the thickness of the glass by causing it to wrinkle as it cools or be streaking one color with another while the metal is still in a semi-fluid condition.”

Well, heck after I saw that, I decided I’m gonna choose to believe these windows are the real deal.



But, fancy-smanzy Tiffany & Company name or not, I think they’re awesome.

By the way, I asked Warner if they’d sell those windows if they turned out to be what they think they might be and he said a flat out, “Hell yes”.  He told me they’d then have reproductions made to reinstall.  So you never know, those windows may just turn up in a museum or someone else’s grand home far, far away or….maybe they’ll just stay right where they are…who knows?

Hey!  If they turn out to be the real deal…do you think my check for 4.5 Zillion will come in a pretty blue box?!


20 thoughts on “The Little Blue Box People

  1. Those windows – and your photos of them – are just gorgeous. Please let us know when the owners find out if they’re Tiffany…! Even if they aren’t, I don’t know that they could be any more beautiful. I think it’s wonderful that they have survived all these many years.


  2. I think your photos of the windows should be blown up, framed and hang on the walls. Exquisite! And seeing them close up without having to climb on a ladder is the greatest. I never get tired of looking at these!


  3. Wow….just plain beautiful….your photos are works of art in themselves! As for that 4.5 quadrillion/bazillion dollar commission check coming in a little blue box – I wouldn’t care if it came in a plain old beat up paper bag! :)



  4. These are gorgeous! I noticed your tag was Montana Mansions. My husband and I were in Montana a couple of months ago and visited the Moss Mansion in Billings. There was some stained glass there as well.


    1. Will do.
      That dinning room one is tied for my favorite with the morning room one (office). They must’ve put a lot of work into the former because it was in a room that entertained guests? They’re all awesome though!


  5. Gorgeous photos of truly spectacular windows, Tiffany or not. I did a little stained glass work in high school- basically I broke all the first finished projects my team came up with. The artistry here is amazing. -kate


    1. Thanks Kate.
      Having done stained glass in high school you really know the work that’s gone into these don’t you?!
      When you said “broke” did you mean you really did?…break them I mean. If so, that’s kinda funny.


  6. As always your photo’s are outstanding. Hopefully this also might lead to having someone that needs to see your photo’s lead you into a business that you could start of your own.


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